Meet the
Mineral Doctor

“Nothing in a living system works without one or more mineral co-factors. Everyone who dies of natural causes really dies of a nutritional deficiency.“ – Dr. Joel Wallach B.Sc., DVM, ND

Thanks to his unparalleled cutting edge research, Dr. Joel Wallach explains why so many diseases are on the rise. This health information is life changing and allows you to take proper control of your health.

Dr. Wallach


Nobel Prize nominee

Published 75 articles in scientific and medical journals

Founder of the only nutritional company to receive FDA self claims

Lead scientist in 13 year government study on health of animals & humans

Sought after pathologist who has performed 1000‘s of animal & human autopsies

Author of veterinarians textbook that is a ‘National Treasure’ in Smithsonian Library

Recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award for natural medicine and philanthropy at United Nations headquarters

Travels the world giving health lectures over 300 days of the year

Awarded prestigious Klaus Schwarz Commemorative Medal recognizing his work as a pioneer in the field of trace element research

Fought and defeated the FDA in court 9.5 times

Hosts a daily live call-in radio show

Watch Dr. Wallach’s new documentary film,
Audacity of Health

Audacity of Health: The Dr. Joel Wallach Story

Audacity of Health: The Dr. Joel Wallach Story

Mineral Basics

Minerals are essential to our functioning. They are 2/3’s of the micro nutrients our cells require to do their job properly

Minerals are hard to find in the foods we eat because soils have been lacking minerals since the 1930’s

We must supplement strategically to get the proper amount that our bodies require

Plants can make vitamins but not minerals, so a plant doesn’t have minerals in it, unless minerals are in the soil

Just because a vegetable is ‘organically grown’ – this does not guarantee that it is mineral rich

Why Our Plant Derived Minerals

100% Certified Organic

77 Major and Trace Minerals

98% Absorption Rate

Negatively Charged Ions (nourishes & detoxifies)

No additives or Preservatives

Alkalising qualities to balance your Ph levels

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